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WBC Muay Thai Under 18s Europe.

National ID’s and or Passports must be checked on the day of the weigh in.

Protective equipment, (PPE).
Head guards.
Hand wraps.
Shin guards.
Gum shields.
Gloves 10oz or 12oz. 
Groin protection.

Body protectors

Elbow pads

PPE equipment is mandatory to prevent possible injuries. The health and safety of all students is important and we review our safety standards with an ongoing policy. 

Under 16s & 18s European title bout rules.

WBC MuayThai championships for 14 & 15 year old's.

Rounds are staged over five by two minute rounds with 1.5 minute rest between rounds.

No elbow or knee strikes of any kind are permitted in this division. 

No Strikes of any kind are permitted to the head in this division.

WBC MuayThai championships for 16 & 17 year old’s.
Rounds are staged over five by two minute rounds with 1.5 minute rest between rounds.

No elbow strikes of any kind to be used.
No knee strikes to the head.
Mandatory fighter’s equipment: 
10oz  & 12oz gloves, gum shield, groin guard, hand wraps, shin guards, body protectors, head guards, hand wraps, elbow pads. 

Gloves are supplied by the promoter and should be Red and Blue as per corner.

All other protective equipment may be the athletes own or supplied by the promoter, all are to be approved by the fight supervisor along with all other protective equipment. 

Weigh ins:
All athletes shall weigh-in on the day of the event, at least 3 to5 hours before the bout is due to take place and shall be recorded by the bout supervisor.

Promoters shall be required to obtain parental/guardian consent for each under 18s fighter taking part and submitted to the bout supervisor for the event.  No bout shall be permitted to take place without consent forms having been completed.



Parental/Guardian consent form.
Club name: 
Instructors name: 
Consent: I hereby agree to: (student name)                                                           

participating in the WBC MuayThai under 16s & 18s championships contest.  
In the case of an emergency or accident, I give my full consent as parent /guardian for the event promoter/instructor to act appropriately.



A full medical examination is required on the day of the event.
A doctor and paramedics are to attend at all times during the event. Please advise the promoter/instructor of any physical or medical conditions that could affect the ability to participate safely in this event i.e. heart condition, drug issues, epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, anger management etc.  We do not readily exclude any person because of their medical needs; however, it is essential that we have details in order to offer the best standards of care.
Please give details of any medication or prescription drugs currently being taken.


Photos and recordings: 
At times may be taken and used in the forwarding of the student, the club or MuayThai. They may also be used in publications for publicity purposes like the WBC website, Facebook, or any other media outlet associated with the WBC MuayThai. By signing this consent form you give your permission to this.

Signature of parent/guardian: 

Signature of promoter or club instructor: 

Parent/guardian emergency contact details: 
Name:                                                 Contact number: 



Competition Insurance for Athletes: 

The event promoter is solely responsible for all insurance and medical responsibilities in the event of injury or harm faced by a contestant in any or all WBC Muay Thai sanctioned bouts.


Duty of Care:

WBC Muay Thai under 16s & 18,s rules and regulations are overseen by appointed representatives / supervisors to ensure that all sanctioned WBCMT title bouts are regulated in accordance with national guidelines. Each appointed representative/supervisor is responsible for implementing guidance for the safe guarding of under 16s & 18’s who take part in sanctioned contests.