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Welcome to WBCMT Europe.

The Official language of WBC Muaythai (WBCMT) Europe is English.

I would firstly like to welcome you all to the WBCMT European website.

A number of committees have now been established across Europe and by working together we shall improve opportunities for Muaythai fighters who wish to contest for a WBCMT championship title

Daniel Suarez.


Global Vice President.

European Committee Chairman.

Email: wbcmuaythai@yahoo.co.uk

Mobile: +44 (0)7956 495637.  


For almost six years I had the honour of being Chairman for the WBCMT in the UK and during that time the UK staged over 70 WBCMT championship titles. The UK also introduced the first WBCMT medals which are now given to competing fighters worldwide and also introduced the WBCMT under 18’s titles in 2014.   

In 2017 I was again honoured to be given the position of WBCMT global vice president to the executive committee and in 2018 I was again honoured by being given chairmanship of the European committee.

December 1st 2019 shall see the next stage in the advancement of WBCMT Europe as the official start date for the under 18’s European championship titles

All this has been achieved by working with promoters and clubs to ensure that approved fighters who wished to contest for the world famous green belt are given the opportunity to do so.  

As members of WBCMT we recognise commitment in maintaining the high standards of excellence and support.  Achieving excellence requires clear ethics.

The WBCMT seeks to ensure that every aspect of its day to day running is conducted in accordance with integrity and high ethical standards.

Ethics ensure that promoters, fighters, officials and all other persons never put themselves or the WBCMT in a position that would undermine or compromise proper integrity.  By maintaining these standards and working together we ensure that along with our own, the integrity of the WBCMT is absolute and unquestioned.

The WBCMT provides dynamic results by embracing professionalism, team work and equality.

All members of the WBCMT reject all forms and means of discrimination.

The WBCMT believes in human equality, fair play and has an ongoing campaign against bullying.

For WBCMT rules, follow link: WBCMuaythai.com/rules

National committees are responsible for approving national titles inside their own countries borders.
Working alongside promoters is important to the advancement of champions.
Promoters who wish to stage WBC Muaythai titles should contact committees within the country they reside or plan to stage an event. The committee shall then assist in helping the title bout request being approved.
Should a promoter contact a committee outside the country in which they reside, the committee of that country shall pass the request to the promoters own countries committee and supply the promoter with the committee chairpersons contact details.

If any committee is contacted by a promoter from a country that has no WBC Muaythai approved committee, they should pass on the contact email details of the WBCMT European committee chairman.

All WBC Muaythai national title approved requests must be recorded with the WBC Muaythai office in Thailand on the official bout notification form, also details of the title bout result must be sent on the official bout result form. This is an official duty of the committee chairperson of the country in which the championship is being staged.
Standardized WBCMT bout score cards and other related documents for all WBCMT titles contested in Europe are available to download on this website in the drop down menu under documentation. Download and print as required.

Score cards used for all WBCMT titles staged in Europe shall be of the same design and layout as will supervises bout score cards.
Score cards shall be supplied by the bout supervisor and all score cards, used or unused shall be returned to the bout supervisor once the bout has ended.


European Titles
The procedure for staging a WBCMT European title bout shall be as follows.
The bout request form should be sent by email to Mr. Daniel Suarez at:


The official bout request form can be found on this website in the drop down menu under documentation.
All fields of the request form should to be completed before a bout can be approved.

Once approved (or not) notification shall be made by return email. Approved title bouts shall be posted on WBCMT social media.
Notification of the approved bout shall also be sent to WBCMT head office..

Once approved the promoter shall be able to order the approved European title belt from WBCMT Thailand and arrange payment.
Once payment has been made in full, the belt will be posted to the promoter.

WBCMT European championship costs.

The cost of a WBCMT European championship belt is $400 plus postage.

The sanction fee cost of an adult European title for is $300.
The bout supervisor’s fee is $250, plus travel, hotel and meals for the duration of attendance. The sanction fee cost of an under 18’s European title is $200.
The bout supervisor’s fee is $200, plus travel, hotel and meals for the duration of attendance.
Referee and Judges are paid at the National rate for a championship bout.

World Rankings.
WBC Muaythai rankings committee contact email.


Above is the contact email for the world ranking committee. After each meeting, officials and committees shall be sent via email the updated rankings, please ensure you keep yourselves updated with the current world rankings and send any recommendations regarding fighters whom you feel deserve being ranked with the WBC Muaythai. Ensure that you give the correct spelling when giving a fighters name and country.

WBCMT Media.
Here is the current list of our media networks. We hope you will click on the links and join us on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook #WBCMT and post your events and current WBC Muaythai Champions plus all other relevant Muaythai news and please always be respectful.









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